january 4, 2019 - april 13, 2019

at Belger Crane Yard Studios

Curated by Adam Chau and presented by Belger Crane Yard Studios. Featuring work by Andy Brayman, Jeremy Brooks, Katie Bunnell Ph.D., Brian Caponi, Bryan Czibesz and Shawn Spangler, Chad Curtis, Sharan Elran, Brett Freund, Chris Gustin, Mia Mulvey, Megumi Naitoh, Paul Scott Ph.D., Doda Design (Rae Stern and Aya Margulis), and Joey Watson.

“REINVENTED was first conceived as a way to cross-pollinate ideas between industrial designers and artists. My frustrations with design stemmed from the lack of emotive and gestural qualities coming from industrial products, while at the same time ceramic artists seemed to be technologically behind production methods of the industry.


My inquiry into the digital began to reveal individuals who were hybridising the two fields of design and craft. I found educational leaders in the field such as Dr. Katie Bunnell, who founded Autonomatic, a design cluster at Falmouth University where research circulates around the possibilities of craft in digital technology. I also discovered that prominent ceramic artists were already dipping into digital manufacturing, like Chris Gustin and his poignant 3d printed teabowls, which stemmed from his simple observation of people talking into his pots to hear resonant sounds. Each of the 13 artists included in this exhibit have an acute understanding of the progression of craft and how to mediate technologies to produce truly contemporary and compelling objects.”

- Adam Chau, Curator
Program Manager, Clay Art Center