mia mulvey


An Associate Professor of Studio Art at the University of Denver, Mia Mulvey’s studio process is one of investigating natural history, wonder, materials and digital technologies. She is interested in how the act of translation and reproduction leaves its own visual mark and contrasts itself through form and material. This line of inquiry is supported by her overall creative practice and interest in the interplay between art and science, ceramics and technology. She received her B.F.A from Arizona State University and her M.F.A from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Mulvey actively exhibits her work nationally and internationally and has had solo shows in Colorado and Michigan. She recently exhibited at the Denver Art Museum in the Overthrown: Clay Without Limits exhibition. Her grants and awards include a Colorado Council on the Arts fellowship and Kohler Arts in Industry and Guldagergaard International Research Center residencies.

artist statement

“The scientific and museum context identifies a system based on order, fact, and discovery. It is within this system of scientific display, process, and ideology that my work exists. I am inspired by science and, in it, our ability to discover wonder.

Wonder is not a static moment; it is the process of moving from the unfamiliar towards understanding, a marvel that incites a desire to realize truth. By investigating scientific processes and contexts I can present real and imaginary objects that hint at the multilayered discoveries of understanding, innovation, and beauty found in nature.

In my recent most recent work I am exploring wonder within the context of collected landscapes, mapping and process.”