The Studio Facilities at Belger Crane Yard Studios

Belger Crane Yard Studios, 2011 Tracy Ave, KC, MO
Outfitted with the professional artist in mind, this studio boasts a 12,000 square foot facility that has semi-private and community work space, as well as a separate glaze room, plaster room and kiln room.

Our Studio is accessible 6 - 12 hours a day, seven days a week.  
Mondays - Thursdays: 8:30am to 9pm
Fridays: 8:30am to 5pm (First Fridays: 8:30am to 8:30pm)
Saturdays: 10am to 4pm
Sundays: 11am to 5pm

Community Studio:
19 Brent electric pottery wheels
One Brent kick wheel
Six 4x8 work tables
Large 30" North Star slabroller
Plenty of adjustable work stools
Wareboards made of a variety of materials
Four banding wheels or turntables
Three stainless steel sinks

Glaze Room:
Two large Laguna spray booths, with compressed air lines and lighting
Three large stainless steel work tables
A industrial-grade ceiling-mounted dust collector
One large stainless steel sink with multiple faucets
A bin full of cups, pitchers and other glaze pouring instruments
12 community glazes for each temperature: Low-fire (Cone 04), Mid-range (Cone 5) and High-fire (Cone 10 reduction)

Kiln Room:
Six Skutt electric kilns: (1) KM 8-18, (2) KM 10-22, (2) KM 12-27, (1) KM 16-27
One Paragon test kiln
One 60 cubic foot Geil natural gas kiln
12 Amaco ware carts

Plaster Room:
Three generous work tables areas
One industrial-grade portable dust collecting unit
Drying rack
Buckets for mixing and cleaning plaster equipment
Cottle boards in a variety of sizes

Semi-Private Studio Space:
Approximately 60 sq ft
Two 2x6x6 foot adjustable shelving units
One lockable work table that is 28 inches wide adjusts to 4 feet, 6 feet and 8 feet long