The Belger Collection

The John and Maxine Belger family created a 501C3 foundation to educate the public regarding the work of artists including, but not exclusive to William Christenberry, Terry Winters, Robert Stackhouse, William T. Wiley, Terry Allen, Renee Stout, and Jasper Johns. The Collection spans their careers allowing study of their work and their creative processes. The Collections are available for loan to art institutions and museums throughout this country and abroad.


William Christenberry

William Christenberry is one of the definitive artists of contemporary American prescient in content and form. Starting his artist's life in abstract painting, Christenberry first because known as a photographer, and his subsequent works have incorporated printmaking, sculpture, bookmaking and assemblage, all wielded with equal confidence as their discrete forms become necessary to his vision.

1985-86 Winters_Folio(Title Page)_hires.jpg

Terry Winters

Terry Winters began sketching botanical, molecular and architectural structures during the early 1980s. These notebooks became the foundation for a series of print suites, which he began in 1985 and still pursues. First developed in his paintings, Winters' subject matter of entelechy - realization of form-giving cause not discoverable by scientific investigation combined with his distinctive use of materials played a significant part in revitalizing abstract imagery in the late 20th century.

STCK 1996 Dicks KC Way.jpg

Robert Stackhouse

Robert Stackhouse builds his sculptures using common materials: sturdy wooden beams and delicate slats he cuts, nails, and bolts into curving wails, sinuous A-frames and boat-like artifacts. These familiar materials and images turn richly ambiguous as he explores affinities between architecture and biological anatomy.

1986 Nothing is as it Seems.jpg

William T. Wiley

This fascinating exhibition celebrates the career of acclaimed artist William T. Wiley. William Wiley 60 Works for 60 Years particularly investigates Wiley's prolific work as a printmaker, highlighting 60 of his prints produced throughout the last three decades. Wiley has generated prints in all media since the 1960s, including lithography, relief printing, intaglio, silk-screen, woodcut and etching.

ALLN 1992 sunset crater.jpg

Terry Allen


renee stout

This exhibition is a mid-career retrospective of Renée Stout's works from the mid-1980's to the present, Stout, an American artist, looks to Africa and the experiences of African-originating peoples in the New World to inform her found-object sculptures and mixed media assemblages. She draws on African-American traditions and from her own individual history to make sculptures, paintings and prints, her images relying heavily on contemporary African-American social concerns blending with forms and visual traditions of her African heritage.

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jasper johns

Jasper Johns Prints covers 40 years of printmaking from one of America's most revered artists. All the works in this exhibition are from the John and Maxine Belger Family Foundation collection, which is housed at the Belger Arts Center.  These prints, collected over a span of 40 years, have been shown throughout the United States in recent years.