Sarah Veak


Born and raised in the southeast of the United States, Veak moved to Ithaca, NY in 2010 where she apprenticed with Renata Wadsworth, after graduating with a degree in studio art. She spent three years furthering her knowledge and skill of pottery as well as building and firing a wood kiln. Since the time spent in NY she has worked in various studios across the country. Wood firing soda kilns in Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and finding inspiration in the Arizona desert while experimenting with gas kilns. Missing the mountains, Veak moved to Colorado where she was part of a clay guild for several years, working mostly with shino glazes and reduction firing. She now resides in the urban core of Kansas City, Missouri working out of her " janky, little, home studio", complete with twinkle lights, magnetic poetry and a pup named Penny.

Artist Statement

"Before new forms ever make it to the wheel, hours are spent dreaming. Once there, I am moved by the ebb and flow of listening and guiding. Each piece is unique. Each handle, knob, or spout is made with much thought and deliberation. Listening to the piece and what it is asking for is crucial. This method of working is used through the process of carving, glazing and firing the piece to its completion.

I make functional ware because I am interested in the human experience with art and food. Food being emotional, social and sensual. I strive to make work that engages the senses by its visual and textural delight. That it might bring a table of friends and family together for a meal and merge the human appetite for both nourishment and beauty.

My desire is that my work will speak to you as well. When you hold it, drink and eat out of it or glance at it in your space. I urge you to listen to the piece and what it may be telling you. My wish is that the process of the piece might continue for you as you take it into your hands and into your home."