Momoko Usami

artist statement

"Vision and Time are the two unspoken agreements to share the world you live. At the same time, they are very obscure and ambiguous. They are affected by his or her own background, memory, preference, or a feeling, colors, and temperature at the moment. Therefore, images in the real world are always fluid and beguiled; there is no frame and no ending. I attempt to express my interest in how people choose their own view. Real world images are full of temporal beauty and interest.

My work deals with eternal touchable materials such as clay, metal, and resin, or fragile images such as light, shadow and reflection. I use everyday phenomena as some of the important elements because it endows everyone fairly and it makes my work personable. I attempt to grasp a wobble and nonsense in the real world, and to make people uncover fresh views even in the mundane, in their everyday life. My interest in real life makes us think about observing the world carefully.

I am interested in a variety of action for use. I attempt to make people conscious about the motion that given by somebody touching works. My role as an artist is to change a person's view of everyday life and enrich their world through my work. My work always relates to a third person. I am seeking mutually related figurations between the viewer and my work. I would like to pursue my expression not just as a tool for life, but also for daily consciousness."