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sunset | Sunrise: Work from Studio nong

august 28, 2015 - september 18, 2015

at Belger Crane Yard Studios

"The eight members of the Studio Nong Collective have come together out of a shared interest in traditions and techniques within the field of figurative ceramic sculpture. While, each member of the collective approaches creating work in an individual manner, all members share an interest in past traditions of both eastern and western practice as a platform for innovation. The Studio Nong International Residencies program that this collective has established produces work made in an atmosphere of intensive collaboration and mentorship, allowing each member of the collective to function simultaneously as mentor and maker."

- Collective Artist Statement

Featuring work by He Zhenhai, Qin Jigang, Nong Bangmin, Huang Shanwu, Jessie Fisher, Misty Gamble, Scott Seebart, and Leandra Urrutia.