sean roberts


Sean Forest Roberts is the owner of Forest Ceramic Company, producing fine porcelain wares. His background in chemistry inspires his experimental studio practice, which has led to his current patterned porcelain series of wares.

Each of the patterns is made by hand using colored slip, liquid clay. General patterns can be repeated, yet the inherent randomness and delicate nature of this patterning process makes each cup completely unique.

Artist statement

“With a background in chemistry and four years of work experience in science labs, I bring an experimental mindset to my artistic process. My work is constantly changing as I explore new ways of creating pattern, texture, and form. I am deeply fascinated by the underlying randomness in the patterns and structures of nature, and I attempt to replicate some of those effects in my work.

My current work is the product of 5 years of experimentation with marbling colored slips. Colored liquid clays are mixed and poured to create the vast array of patterns available in my series.”