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Thanks so much for scheduling a Keep-It workshop for your group!

This page will allow you to pay the Base Fee (the minimum payment for certain group sizes) and Additional Participant fee for your group to secure the reservation.

We have a tiered system based on the number of people you expect to come in your group. Please select the appropriate group size and payment amount.

Group size = Payment
1 - 8 people = $150 (reserves first 6 participants)
9 - 12 people = $225 (reserves first 9 participants)
17 - 24 people = $300 (reserves first 17 participants)
25 - 32 people = $375 (reserves first 25 participants)

At the time of reservation, this Base Fee allows us to secure the appropriate number of teachers and materials for your session. We have found that sometimes folks in your group might need to cancel at the last-minute, so we created the additional participant feature so you can add any remaining participants who come outside of the initial Base Fee size.

You expect 11 people to come, so you secure the group reservation with 9-12 ($225). But you suspect that one person is going to cancel at the last-minute (‘cause they always do…) so you can pay for the additional 1 or 2 seats at the time of the event (or just after) and you’re all good to go.