Chandra DeBuse and Tommy Frank

Chandra DeBuse and Tommy Frank

Chandra Debuse

artist statement

"Fifteen years ago, I stumbled into a community pottery class and fell in love with clay. I began a journey of discovery that has taken me across the nation, and has introduced me to many wonderful people. The journey even brought me back to my first love: drawing.

From the moment I open a fresh bag of clay, I begin thinking about how the user will interact with the cup or bowl my hands will make. 

Because I want my pieces to be explored, I take great care to make them pleasing to the touch. Voluminous forms with bouncing lines and low-relief beg to be caressed. 

Some of my earliest memories of play involved a pencil and paper. I have always loved drawing. It's no wonder I started drawing all over my pottery.

I see each pot as a landscape to tell a story with hand-drawn characters and patterns. The drawings often wrap around the bottoms of the pieces, or across the handle, further encouraging exploration through use.

To me, there's no greater compliment than seeing someone spill their drink all over their lap because they had to flip the cup over to see the bottom!"