Jake and Julie Bond


Jake and Julie Bond are a husband and wife team who have created a business based on bringing unique ceramic designs into the lives of their customers. Julie graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute with a BFA in ceramics. At the same time, Jake was earning his art degree from Doane College in Crete, NE. They met while working in a tile studio in Omaha, NE. After three years of gaining experience in the world of custom tile, they decided to venture out on their own to open Archival Designs in Kansas City, MO, in 2001.

For the last 15 years, the Bonds have been creating functional pottery and handmade tile at their studio in the Crossroads Arts District. They participate in the First Friday art walks and leave their studio open for visitors on a daily basis.  They also show their work at several art fairs, both locally and nationally.

They use the same white stoneware for their pottery and tile. They fire to cone 10, in a reduction atmosphere. This allows their work to be durable and rich with color.

Jake Bond Artist Statement

"Function determines form.  Refining that form to create a piece that is both utilitarian and beautiful is my goal. Each shape is rooted in that functionality, how it will be used determines the size and weight of the finished pot. The feel of a mug in your hand as you sip your morning coffee  is as important to me as the way looks. This is why form always comes first in the process.

Instilling beauty in to the function through glaze and surface design is how each piece is finished. By giving each piece it’s own personality with color and texture every piece becomes a work of art. Combining both the beauty of form and finish, I strive to create a piece of functional art that can be both beautiful and useful."

julie bond Artist Statement

"I consider my materials to be a driving force in what I create as a ceramic artist. The clay provides a functionality that I find important in my work. When I make a piece of pottery, I like to imagine how it will be used or what it will feel like in the hands of my customers. I like to think that there is an emotion created when my work is being used. The glazes that I choose to use, are the other tools by which I can evoke a feeling of comfort. I enjoy exploring combinations of color and texture on my surfaces that provide depth and a sense of wonder.

I often think that the function of my work allows a person to experience that pleasure of soaking in a beloved work of art in a more intimate manner. Eating and drinking are necessary to survive. My goal is to make those necessities feel like an extravagance."