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Important Dates:
Monday, August 27 - 6:30pm - Sale information meeting in the Studio break room.  This is optional for those who would like to learn more about the Sale.
Wednesday, October 3 - Deadline for enrolling in the Sale. Purchase the “Holiday Sale Participation Fee” or email Tommy for a digital invoice.
First Friday, November 2 - We will have BCYS Holiday Open House and Sale flyers available for distribution.
Friday, November 16 and Saturday, November 17 - 10am to 8pm, both days. The Holiday Open House and Studio Sale is on!

The Sale Itself

Participation fee
There is a $40 fee to participate in the sale. We are going to use the money to create high-quality postcards for distribution, Friday night wine tastings and social media marketing. The fee is due Wednesday, October 3. We can take the payment in person, over the phone or digital invoice that you can pay with a credit card at your leisure.

KC Clay Guild Participation
The Guild’s Holiday Tour will be on Nov 30 – Dec 1. BCYS is going to pay the group participation fee this year. This is plan for our participation:
- We will officially participate on Friday, Nov 30 from 10am to 5pm; Saturday, Dec 1 from 10am to 4pm.
- No Studio display conversion.
- Those with Private Studios should have their work merched in their spaces.
- A curated studio display will happen in the regular display spot as well as along the white walls.
Take away: We’re still connecting to the Guild. Our main focus is Nov 16 and 17.

Promotional materials
Like last year, we will be making a post card that has the dates and info for both events. It will be printed by the First Friday of Nov. Drop-off points: Coffee shops, libraries, community centers, door-to-door, etc.
Social media promotion. As with last year, we are preparing to spend some of the fees on social media promotion, including Facebook and Instagram.
Take away: This pre-Thanksgiving date was awesome last year because all of you hustled to get the word out. We need the same energy this year to have even more success!

Sale shift sign-up
When you are participating in the sale, we'll need you to be available for two 2-hour shifts. If you participate in one of the Sale Committees (Food or Marketing) your work in preparation counts towards sale shifts.
Take away: There is plenty of work leading up to and during the Sale. We need every hand on deck for the number of shoppers we’re going to gather and who arrive!

Setting up the display
Participants who are Private Studio Members will use their own studio spaces for display. Others will be designated a 4x4 foot space or equivalent on a scaffolding or studio rack. You are responsible for merchandising your table space. Pick display items that will accent your work, not overpower it. Your work is the focus, not the super-awesome display. Set up will start at 4pm on Thursday, November 15 for the Holiday Open House.
Take away: Good display makes a good impression. Great art works make great sales!

Tear down and reset
We will need to tear down at the end of the sale at 8pm on Saturday, November 17. We will pack away our work and then reset the studio for regular use.
Take away: Many hands make light work so please prepare to pitch in.

Preparing for the Sale

Door-buster Promotion
Who has ideas for something fresh this year? Coasters? Ornaments? We should make near 100 of them and publicize them as first 100 people in the door! Need a making date: September 22? or November 3?
Take away: We think this works and it's fun to get together and work on this promotional project!

Point-of-No-Return firing dates
The last day to get something bisque fired is Friday, Nov 9.
Take away: Plan ahead to have your best work.

Snacks during the Sale
We will again have a Food Coordinator. You have the option of bringing a snack or contributing $10. The snacks are important because of our food island status. We will again have the Kiln Cafe for ambiance.
Take away: We want to keep people at our location for as long as possible!

Types of items sold
Functional pots (cups, bowls, teapots) generally account for over 60% of items sold.
Jewelry (earrings, necklaces, pendants) accounts for 18% - 24%.
Decorative objects (ornaments, small sculpture, magnets) account for 24% - 29%.
Take away: Diversity is good!

In-process and finished work storage
If your finished pieces are piling up, we can temporarily store them under the steel table in the Break Room. Do not store work in boxes above your shelf or on the floor in the main studio.
Take away: We can allot extra space for storage for this single event.

General pricing considerations
For the last five years, we've seen that top selling items are between $16 and $50. They steadily account for 60% or more of items sold. However, items of $100 or more are very small, but noticeable increase.
Take away: Do not assume cheap is good! We sell twice as many items that are between $20-$30 than we do items under $10.

Diversify your price points
The more diverse price points, the more choices people have. Think quality over quantity and we will continue to attract buyers who are looking for great handmade items. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Have a wide range of items and prices available. Big ticket items help to sell small ticket items.
Take away: Diversify your portfolio!

Questions, Comments or those committing to a Committee, just email Tommy at