emily reinhardt


Emily Reinhardt grew up in Overland Park, Kansas and had an incredible education in the Blue Valley School District. Reinhardt graduated from Kansas State University in 2010, majoring in ceramics. Studying under Yoshiro Ikeda and Dylan Beck, she focused mainly on handbuilding and sculpture in school, and didn’t start making pottery until she was finished with her time at Kansas State. After graduation Reinhardt started her brand, The Object Enthusiast, primarily as a blog and an online space for talking about ceramics. Upon his retirement, her professor Yoshi gifted Reinhardt his kiln, his wheel, and a lot of other studio equipment, and in 2011 her ceramics business was born. The Object Enthusiast has evolved in a lot of ways over the course of the last few years, and has since expanded into an online homegoods retail shop.

artist statement

"I aim to find the artful in the ordinary - making uncommon objects that are ready receptacles for our instinctive daily needs. I’m anticipating the average person’s requirements in a ceramic vessel - hazily reaching for a cup, the toss of a set of house keys, haphazard keepsakes strewn about. Our habitat shapes and fuels our being and I’m inspired by the objects that we live with.

Home is tangible. Home is the curated assortment of tangibles that follow us from dwelling to dwelling. It is very human to assign value to an object, and my hope is to create something that holds some sentiment for someone else."