Woodfired Pottery

Woodfired Pottery


8-Week Class
Tu, 6-9pm
Sept 4-Oct 23
with Tommy Frank

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Woodfired Pottery with Tommy Frank
All Levels; 8-week class session
September 4 – October 23
Tuesdays, 6 - 9pm
$200 + $100 lab fee
Location: 2011 Tracy Ave

Have you ever wanted to paint your pottery with fire?  You’ll have your chance in this class!  We will be discussing and making pots that have the best results from fire-kissed wood ash and flame patterns.  Presentations, physical examples and demonstrations will give you the inspiration to make your clay pieces harmonize with this atmospheric process of firing.  During the eight week class, two firings will take place, one at mid-term and the second near the conclusion of the class.  We will travel to Lawrence, KS to fire the wood kilns in conjunction with the Lawrence Arts Center and the University of Kansas ceramics department.  Participants will actively load the kilns, participate in the firing shifts (some over night for the night owls) and discover the wares (and clean the kilns) at the unloading.  After the final firings, we will have a party to celebrate with all the participants and display the glorious results!  

Week 1: Presentation, discussion and demonstration of successful woodfired forms; pots start being made
Week 2: Form and texture demonstrations; continue making pots
Week 3 & 4: Continue making pots with guidance and demonstrations as needed
Week 5: Glazing and wadding: preparing the first round of pots for the kiln that loads Friday, October 5 in Lawrence
Week 6: Discuss the first of the woodfirings.  Respond by making pots that will be in the final firing
Week 7: Discuss pots from the first firing; continue making pots
Week 8: Finish up the last of the pots for the final firing that loads on Sunday, November 4 in Lawrence.