Tips and Tricks of Pottery Making

Tips and Tricks of Pottery Making


4-Week Class
Tu, 6-9pm
Nov 6-27
with Michael Baxley

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Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Instructor: Michael Baxley
Location: 2011 Tracy Ave

$100 + $20 lab fee

Are you great with the potter's wheel and ready to spice up your forms but need a nudge in the right direction?  Then this 4-week class may be exactly what you're looking for!  It's designed for those with solid wheel throwing skills looking to take the next step. We will use the wheel in non-conventional ways to explore new forms. We'll also cover tips in making larger vessels, trimming with chucks, the process of making platters that don’t crack, working with enclosed forms, throwing and altering as well as problem-solving many issues you may be experiencing in the making process.  Open to lots of levels of experience, but a better fit for those beyond the beginning level.