Overglaze Painting

Overglaze Painting


4-Week Class
M, 6-9pm
Jan 7-28 with Christen Baker

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Name of Class: Contemporary Overglaze Painting
Experience Level: Beginner/ All levels
Dates: January to February or February to March
Day of the week & Times: Monday, Friday, or Saturday

$100 + $20 Lab Fee

This ain’t your gandma’s china painting class! In this course we will explore decoration methods used on top of glazed ceramic surfaces. Participants will learn how to use china paint and gold lusters using brushes, sponges and calligraphy nibs to create images and patterns. Students will also learn recommended firing methods and technical advice for mixing and applying china paint and luster to add depth into their work. Students should bring drawings &/or photographs to use as reference for the preliminary drawing and designing of their compositions. Developing a personal aesthetic will also be stressed. Beginners to advanced are welcome. 

Course Outline:
• Week 1 – China paint-mixing and painting demonstration | Work Day | Load kiln
• Week 2 – China paint mixing with pen oil, calligraphy demo | Work Day | Load Kiln
• Week 3 – Gold luster application and safety (should be using ventilation) | Work Day | Load Kiln
• Week 4 – Work Day | Finish Projects | Load Kiln