Screen Printing on Clay

Screen Printing on Clay


4-week class
Tu, 6-9pm
Apr 9-30
with Kelly Lynn Daniels

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Skill Level: All Levels
Location: 2011 Tracy Ave

In this class we will use a variety of screen printing techniques to build successive layers of information. Print on clay techniques will allow us to create complex and compelling surfaces useful for both storytelling and decoration. Processes are applicable for sculptural and functional work and are appropriate for all types of clays and firing temperatures. In this class we will work cone 5 - midrange clay and glazes. This workshop is appropriate for all levels.

Week 1 - Create Imagery and Expose Screens
Week 2 - Printing on Clay
Week 3 - Printing Paper Transfers
Week 4 - Glaze all work: Optional Potluck

Tools and Supplies to bring to the first class:
Variety of soft brushes for applying slips and glazes. Available at Crane Yard Clay
Commercial underglazes for your own color preferences. We will have a few basic colors of slips and commercial underglazes provided to practice techniques
Old gift cards or soft to medium rubber ribs to be used as squeegees
1”-2” wide foam brush
Hair blow dryer or heat gun. (Not for use with screens. Will be used to facilitate slip transfers and drying clay)