Mold Making with Joey Watson

Mold Making with Joey Watson


8-Week Class
Su, 1-4pm
May 5-Jun 9
with Joey Watson

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Mold Making with Joey Watson
All Levels; 6-week class session
Sundays, 1 – 4 pm
$200 + $50 lab fee
Location: 2011 Tracy Ave

Unlock the mysteries of working with plaster where everything from the working properties of the material, fabrication of models, creation of molds and the casting of objects will be covered.  Stretched over eight weeks, there will be a solid foundation for beginners and a solid grounding for those seeking advanced skills.  The class takes place in the Belger Crane Yard Studios dedicated plaster room, complete with ventilation and plenty of light.

Week 1: “Plaster Acclimation”- This class will be oriented around plasters material properties and how to exploit them. I will demonstrate a simple “drop-mold” by the end of the class in preparation for the following weeks focus.
Week 2: “Mold-Making”- This class will focused on casting our first molds.  Everyone will need to bring in an object or fashion one from clay in order to make a mold during this class period.
Week 3 and 4: “Slip-casting” – While mold-making will continue to be an option this period will be oriented around slip-casting the now dry molds that were made the prior week. We will cover several approaches to casting and how to incorporate
unconventional methods.
Week 5 and 6: “Directed-Study” – This class will be utilized for individualized direction, use this time to get clarity on questions or issues with your work (by this time people should have a decent number of cast objects to discuss)
Week 7: Glazing!
Week 8: Critique/Wrap-up conversation of work