Innovative Jewelry

Innovative Jewelry


4-Week Class
TU, 10am-1pm
Oct 8-29 w/ Cydney Ross

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Skill Level: All Levels
Location: 2011 Tracy Avenue

Learn how to make ceramic jewelry from start to finish! We’ll begin by looking at reference images that inspire you and create earrings, necklaces, and brooches based on your ideas. Focus will be geared toward the fundamentals of crafting fine art jewelry in clay, as well as more advanced information such as using lusters, wires, finishings and kiln firings. Each participant will leave with practical knowledge as well as their own finished ceramic jewelry!

Week 1: Introduction - sketch out ideas; begin making jewelry with porcelain; nychrome wire intro
• Put first round of work in communal bisque firing
Week Two: Continue to construct ceramic jewelry; introduce iron-bearing clay bodies; glaze/kiln firing discussion
• Mid-Range glaze firing / Final bisque firing
Week Three: Glaze and polish jewelry; discussion about findings and finishings; field-trip to Luster Bunny for findings - participants should order findings for final class/pick up from CYC
• Final Mid-Range firing / Luster firing
Week Four: Finishing touches!

Lab Fees include:
- Individual allotments of Mid-range clay (White, Earth-tone and Black)
- 1 roll of thin nychrome wire to share with the class

Materials and tools for the first day of class:
- Images or ideas for inspired jewelry
- Ribs and fettling knive
- Small paint brushes
- 220 & 600 grit sandpaper (1 pack of each)