Handbuilding with Molds

Handbuilding with Molds


4-week class
W, 1-4pm

Apr 3-24 with Elaine Buss

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All Levels; 4-week class session
Location: 2011 Tracy Ave

If you want to explore new shapes and deviate from the usual flat bottom, this is your class. We will learn straightforward approaches to using insulation foam to create shaped and rounded bottoms for forms. The techniques will include slump and sling molds, and we will combine slab and coil methods. Students will create their own uniquely shaped sling molds using fabric and insulation foam. Closed forms and paddling will enable even further control over shapes. These are great skills both for one of a kind objects or creating a series.

Course Outline:

    • Week 1 – Scoring Tools | Demo: Slump molds with foam | Work Time
    • Week 2 – Demo: Paddling closed forms | Work Day
    • Week 3 – Larger Forms: Cutting base shapes and creating a fabric sling | Work Time
    • Week 4 – Work Day | Finish Projects

Supplies provided by studio:
- Clay – Cone 5 mid-range clay for handbuilding – 25lbs
- Rolling Pin
- Paddles
- Soft Foam (upholstery)
- 2” x 4’ x 8’ foam insulation board (approx. 2’ x 2’ for each student)
- Nails – 1.5” long
- Jig Saw

Supplies students need for first class:
- Paintbrush (cheap - for slipping and scoring)
- Fettle knife
- Metal Rib
- Wooden Rib
- Rubber Ribs
- Sculpey (one block is enough)
- Straight pins (best ones are the ones with balls on the ends)
- Fabric (pillow case size of any old cotton muslin is fine – old sheets are perfect -- this is not needed until the third week)
- An apron
- Face mask
- Notebook/sketchbook
- Reference materials
- Pencil/pen