Evening Figure Sculpture

Evening Figure Sculpture


4-Week Class
W; ?-?pm
June ?-? with Keira Norton

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All Levels; 4-week class session
Location: 2011 Tracy Ave

Aimed at learning the basics or brushing up on fundamentals, this class explores the structure of the body and how it is constructed. Working from photographs and fellow classmates for reference, we will learn how to build anatomically correct figures or partial figures from clay. Weekly demonstrations will be given, and we will discuss construction methods, armatures, clay modeling and more. Bring a sketchbook and reference material to the first day of class.

Week 1: Demonstrations and hands-on class time will focus on proper proportions of the figure, with special emphasis on the head, neck, and shoulders.  We will begin a ¾ life-sized bust.
Week 2: We will continue work on the bust, concentrating on the facial features and hair.
Week 3: Demonstrations will focus on the complete figure and different options for armatures.  You will have the option to either begin constructing a miniature figure using a wire armature, or to build a life-sized model of a foot or hand. 
Week 4: We will finish all pieces and discuss post-firing surface treatments.