Evening Beginning Wheel

Evening Beginning Wheel


4-Week Class
W, 6-9pm
Aug 7-28
w/ TBD
Th, 6-9pm

Jun 6-27 w/ Paul Mallory
Jul 11 - Aug 1 w/ Paul Mallory
Aug 8-29 w/ Paul Mallory
Sep 5-26 w/ TBD
Oct 3-24 w/ TBD
Nov 7 - Dec 5 w/ TBD

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Skill Level: All Levels
Location: 2011 Tracy Ave

$100 + $25 Lab Fee

Perfect for anyone with little or no experience with the potter’s wheel, in this class you’ll make your own cups and bowls from scratch! We’ll focus on everything from the basics of “wedging”, “centering”, and “throwing” to glazing and finishing your pieces. Come learn a new skill or revisit an old hobby with this fun hands-on class!

Week 1: Learn the basics of centering and throwing.
Week 2: Learn the basics of trimming your pieces.
Week 3: Intro to glazing; continue throwing and trimming.
Week 4: Glaze your pieces and finish any trimming or detailing before the end of class.