Decoration, Etc

Decoration, Etc


4-week class
W, 6-9pm
Mar 6-27
with Elaine Buss

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All Levels; 4-week class session
$100 + $20 lab fee
Location: 2011 Tracy Ave

Each week of this class covers a different surface decoration technique applied on bisque ware. The benefit to decorating on bisque ware is that mistakes can easily be washed away and there is no rush to complete the piece before it dries out! Following demonstrations, students have work time to utilize the methods covered during each class, and every demonstration includes a short slide show of contemporary artists who use the method. Students should bring bisqued work to decorate each week, and are usually able to decorate 2 or more objects each class. Students can fire greenware between classes, but should have bisque pieces prepared for the first class.

Course Outline:
Week 1 – Underglaze Painting | Underglaze Pencils | Work Time
Week 2 – Paper Stencils and Taping | Work Time
Week 3 – Monoprinting (layered and shapes) | Work Time
Week 4 – Decals | Work Time

The Lab Fees will supply a starter kit of:
- 25 lbs of Cone 5 stoneware clay
- Bisque and Glaze firings for all work created during the 4-week class
- Outside of class Studio access with the following schedule:
Monday- Thursday: 8:30am - 9pm
Friday: 8:30am - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm

Materials students should bring:
- Bisqued objects – at least 2 objects per class ­(white surfaces and cone 04 or 6 preferable)
- Paint Brushes
- Sketchbook
- Masking tape
- Scissors
- Pencil